Category: Gr 5

Net Dodgeball

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs, nets/goals
Game Description: Net dodgeball is basically a standard game of dodgeball, except that each team also has a net and a goalie. Any time a team scores a goal by throwing a dodgeball past the opposing goalie, all of the players who were out get to enter back into the game. Also use detective dodgeball rules to ensure players are getting maximum participation and movement time…if you’re unsure what detective dodgeball rules are, find the rules to that game on this site!

Circle Dodgeball

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs, mats
Game Description: Circle dodgeball is a highly popular game. Players travel along the perimeter of the gym, and are able to stop at safe zones on the ends to catch their breath. Add in some throwers with dodgeballs who start in the center circle and game on! Read More →

Capture The Flag

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Flags (or pins), hula hoops, pylons
Game Description: Capture The Flag is one of the most popular physical education games out there. It is an intense action game, with lots of team strategy, and lots of activity. There are many versions of this game; the version shown here has been tried and tested many times, and proves to be one of the most enjoyed games in the gym. The idea is simple: be the first team to capture all the flags, and bring them to your side. Careful to not get tagged, or you’re stuck in jail until someone saves you! Read More →

Scooter Tag

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Scooters
Game Description: Scooter tag is a tag game on scooter boards. Lots of different ways this game can be played (students on stomach, or knees, when tagged players must spin, or when tagged the players switch roles). Just an idea to switch things up once in awhile. And besides, kids love those scooter boards!

Parachute Game: Cat & Mouse

Grade Level: 1-6
Equipment: Parachute
Game Description: The mouse scurries underneath the parachute, unseen by the cat, who tries to catch him while the other players wave the parachute. This is the most requested Parachute game in physical education class. Give every student a chance to be the cat, or the mouse, or both.

Parachute Game: Popcorn

Grade Level: 1-6
Equipment: Parachute
Game Description: It’s time to make some popcorn! In this simple game, players turn the parachute into a frying pan. As the pan heats up, the parachute starts waving fast. When it’s at max heat and max speed, throw a bunch of dodgeballs on the parachute and watch the popcorn pop! A quick science and physical education lesson at the same time.


Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Basketballs
Game Description: Pirates is a fantastic game to practice dribbling and control in basketball. All players dribble a basketball around the playing area, while 3 pirates without a ball go around and try to steal the ball from a player. If a pirate manages to steal a ball, then the player who is left without a ball is now one of the 3 pirates. Read More →

Off-The-Wall Dodgeball

Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs
Game Description: Off-The-Wall Dodgeball is every man or woman for him or herself. Before players can throw the ball at opponents, they must first toss it off the wall and get their own rebound. When hit, wait until the person who hit you gets hit, and you’re back in the action!

Sleep Tag

Grade Level: 1-5
Equipment: 2 ‘wands’ (foam paddles, noodles, or racquets)
Game Description: Turn one half of the lights off so that one side of the gym is night time, and the other half is day time. The actual tag game takes place in the daytime side, but when players get tagged they travel over to the nighttime side and pretend to sleep there. 2 fairies come by and tap the sleeping players with a wand so they wake up and return back to the tag game on the day side. Read More →