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2v2 Mini Volleyball

Grade level: 4-6
Equipment: Volleyballs, Skipping Ropes, Cones
Game Description: Another fun volleyball idea to get players hitting more reps and more contact with the ball in small sided games. It’s really so simple: make groups of 3 players, middle player holds skipping rope over head as net, use cones at the end for out of bounds. There are some simple rules like no spiking of course, as well switch the net holder every 3 points. That’s about it (thanks to Angelo Gasparro)!

Beat The Card

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Volleyballs, Deck of Cards
Game Description: This is a great volleyball skill-working game to practice PASSING. Students need to be in groups between 3-7 people. They get into a bump circle.
A student from each group will pick up a playing card from the deck in the middle and bring it back to their group. Whatever the card is, they have to beat the card. If its a face card they have to get 11, 12, or 13 passes in a row before ball hits the ground (corresponding with Jack, Queen, King). If they pull a 5 they have to get 5 passes in a row.
If they beat the card, they keep it. If they don’t, the card goes back into the deck. For every card they beat, they get that amount of points. They are competing to see which group can collect the most points. Variations: give them 2-3 opportunities to beat the card depending on the age level. Can also have them do an exercise if they do not beat the card. (Thanks Angelo Gasparro)

Bottle Shuttle

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Cones, Recycled Plastic Bottles
Game Description: This game is played using recycled plastic bottles (1 for every player in the game). First you will need to cut the bottles in half (the upper half is the shuttle and the lower half is the bottle). Then players will line up at the starting line, each holding the shuttle part in their hand while their bottle part is on the ground/floor directly in front of them. At the starting whistle, players drop the shuttle, trying to have it land in the bottle. If successful, that player would take a step forward to the next cone. And so on so forth. First to the finish line wins! Play individually against each other, or team challenges. (Thanks to Dr. Mehdi Dehghani in Iran)

Partner Fitness

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: None or variety
Game Description: In this fitness activity, players will have fun and get sweaty through a variety of exercises. Players must first choose a partner. 1 partner goes to an exercise to start while the other starts and the end line. On the “go” signal, half the players will be exercising for 45 seconds (or whatever time is chosen) while the other half is running back and forth from end line to end line. After 45 seconds yell “switch” and the partners switch roles. They will then cycle through the same format every 45 seconds until completing all 6 or 8 exercises. Take a break, get a drink of water, and go again!

4-Way Capture The Flag

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Flags (beanbags or other), cones
Game Description: 4 teams will face-off in this version of capture the flag, each starting in their own quadrant in the gym or playing area. There needs to be a safe zone in each quadrant marked off with cones – this is also the place for the flags to be collected into. The goal is to be the first team to collect all 6 of your teams color flags. Before the game begins, 2 flags of each of the other teams colors are placed into your teams safe zone area (just not your own teams flags). So each team starts with the other teams flags. Teams are safe only in their own quadrant or the safe zones. If a player is in a different teams quadrant, he or she can get tagged. When tagged, that player must sit where they got caught and hope for a teammate to come save them (tag them) – then they both take a free walk back to their area. If tagged with a flag in their hand, that flag needs to be returned first, and then sit down where tagged. Try it out as a fun variation of Capture the Flag! (Thanks to Lauren Venera)


Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: 4 nets, 4 racquetball balls (or bouncy ball alternative)
Game Description: Start by placing down 4 nets in the 4 corners of the gym, facing inwards or outwards depending how you want to play this game. Create 4 teams, and give them pinnies to distinguish team colors. Each team chooses a goalie who will try to stop the balls from entering their net. The remaining players spread out around the gym. Throw in some bouncy balls and get the game started! The main rule of this games is that players MUST STRIKE THE BALL WITH THEIR HAND ONLY (ie, smack the ball). Players are not allowed to catch, throw, roll, run with the ball, etc… only smacking/striking the ball is allowed. Keep scores as you wish, and add in your own additional rules.

Hawks & Doves

Grade level: 2-6
Equipment: Benches, cones
Game Description: The 2 opposite corners of the court are cornered off with cones – those are the nests. The doves (runners) start from one nest and attempt to get all of them to end up in the other nest. Start with just 1 or 2 Hawks in the other nest (taggers). All the other students are doves. Between the nests, somewhere in the middle of the court is a bench – that is the cage.
The doves start from one of the nest, the hawks from the other. Once the hawks leave their nest, the game starts. Once the hawks leave the nest they cannot enter either nest anymore. The nests become safe areas for the doves. The Hawks tag as many doves as possible. The caught doves stand up on the bench (the cage). The free doves have to go to free them by running to them and tag (touch them). In rare cases all doves manage to end up all together in the opposite nest. Or all are in the cage. Usually some are in the cage, others leave the finish nest to save them and get caught themselves. After some time stop the game and chose another student to be a hawk! (Thanks to Dani Uzunova)

10 Second Tag

Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: None
Game Description: This is a fast-moving tag game, where the tagger is constantly switching (every 10 seconds or sooner). The runners/flee’ers will start in a playing area (maybe within half of the gym) and the remaining players form a line waiting for their shift to tag. They don’t wait long though, as the teacher blows the whistle every 10 seconds or sooner for the next person in line to jump in to tag. Anyone who is tagged simply goes to the back of the line, and the game continues on as such. This is a great game for learning the names of new students. As the players are standing in line, the teacher can talk to them and learn their names. Try it out! To speed it up even more, try having 2 players go in to tag at a time. (Thanks Joel Sweetland for this idea)

Submarines & Mines

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: 3 hula hoops, 6 foam balls
Game Description: This game is similar to the British-bulldog type of game, except the tagger(s) in the middle area get foam balls. The main object of the game is that the runners will try to go from one end of the gym to the other end without being touched by the submarines’ torpedoes (soft balls) or the mines (participants who got tagged laying on the floor on their stomach).
– 3 hula hoops are placed in center of play area – middle of gym.
– 1 captain in each submarine (hula hoop) each with 2 balls.
– at the signal, runners must try to go across gym without being touched by ball (even if it touched the ground first); if they get touched, they become mines and lay on the floor on their stomach. The only way they can move is by pivoting on their stomach. They try to assist the submarines by touching the passing participants either with their feet or hands.
– the last 3 to survive become the submarines.
– the submarines’ captains must be in their submarine while throwing and can run to fetch their balls but must come back in subs to throw again.
– remember that with the ‘go’ signal, everyone is in play until they reach a safe zone at the other end of gym.
(Thanks to Bernard Boulerice)

Frisbee Noodle

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Cones, Noodles (or hula hoops), Frisbees (or footballs)
Game Description: This is a throwing accuracy game to work on frisbee tosses. First, divide the class into groups of three. Each player must stand by one of the cones that should have already been distributed on the ground in a set of 3 (this activity is best played outside for space reasons but can be played inside if needed). The player on the far left of the field will have a disc while the middle player must have ONE noodle. Noodle person must bend their noodle to form a circle/oval/loop. Person on the far right has the job of retrieving the disc and running to the throwing cone.

How it works:
1) The thrower will throw the frisbee in a attempt to get it to travel through the noodle that the player in the middle has made. The Noodle person is allowed one step to their right or left to get the disc to travel through. If the disc travels through, they get 1 point for their team. The retriever will get the disc and run as fast as they can down to the throwing cone. At this point, every player shifts up one cone so that they are now playing a different position. Each teams counts their points out loud so that everyone knows how many point that they have.
2) The first team to get to 10 points wins (This can be changed at the discretion off the teacher).
3) The object is to work on accuracy with the throws to ensure that the disc remains level and flat while being thrown (a prerequisite would be to have worked on back hand throws first).
4) The teacher can incorporate different throws into it in order to increase difficulty with the activity.

(Thanks to Brian Burn)