Category: Literacy

Line Math

Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: Paper
Game Description: Line Math is another game that connects the two curricular areas of physical education with mathematics. Help solidify some math concepts while at the same time getting some movement skill development and exercise. Start by creating the numbers “1” to “5” written each on their own full size paper or poster. Have students start in a relay-style (small teams, maybe of 3 players, to minimize idle time). Place the number pages at different distances away from the starting line along one side of the gym (placing them at the intersections of floor lines is best). To start the game, the teacher yells out a math problem (varies in complexity depending on the age and level of the students). The first student in each line will then run the distance to the answer. For example, if “10-5” is called, the students run the distance to where the 5 is on the floor. Once back, the teacher yells out another equation, etc, etc. Try putting obstacles along the way to spice it up. Or have students hop/skip/gallop/etc instead of running. Quick little warm-up numeracy game to try out if you haven’t already!

Human Alphabet

Grade level: K-3
Equipment: None
Game Description: Human Alphabet is a fairly popular early primary level game that gets kids spelling letters with their bodies. Very simply, the students move around in a space (choose a locomotion: run, skip, gallop, etc) and when the teachers calls out a letter (example: “L”) then the students must find the nearest person, quickly partner up, get down on the floor, and use their bodies to make the shape of the letter together to spell it. Then get them moving again and call out another letter. And again. And again! This game is another combination of movement skills and literacy. Play along to music, or place down obstacles on the floor to make it more interesting! Or try groups of 3, 4, or more – have them spell words.

Lilly Pad Math

Grade level: 1-5
Equipment: Colored spots (lilly pads), paper
Game Description: Another active game that adds some math into the equation. Players will do some basic math as well as run, hop, skip, jump, and any other movement skills desired. Read More →


Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Exercise ball
Game Description: What’s better than rolling a ball around and spelling physical education words? OK well, probably alot of things… BUT this game gives players a chance to roll an exercise ball at friends in the middle who try to dodge it.  All you need is an exercise ball, a circle of friends, and a couple players in the middle. Read More →


Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Letters on poster paper
Game Description: Scrabble is a spelling game for P.E. A great way to incorporate literacy into your physical education program! Teams will set-up in a relay style, grab letters, spell words, and add up points. Movement, literacy, numeracy, and team-building all in one. Read More →

Math In Action

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Cones, 2 batons
Game Description: Another math and physical education combo – this game matches up 2 teams, both of which need to be ready to use their mental math skills. The quicker the brain and feet are ready to work, the more points a team can earn. Or if you prefer to not have a point system, just let the players go at it. Read More →

Alphabet In Motion

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Alphabet letter pages
Game Description: This game enhances student physical literacy by creating active spelling activities in PE class. Another combination of movement and literacy, in which students will run around from letter to letter, spelling out different words. Add in some exercises as well, and push for both a strong physical and mental workout! Read More →


Grade level: 1-3
Equipment: None
Game Description: One of the different versions of ABC tag, this one lets students think of words that start with a certain letter, and when they get tagged, they must say the word and/or spell the word out loud before they can get back into the game. Another popular version of ABC tag that you can try out as well goes something like this: students who are tagged try to turn their body into the shape of a letter. Try one or both of these versions of this game in your physical education class!