Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Exercise ball
Game Description: What’s better than rolling a ball around and spelling physical education words? OK well, probably alot of things… BUT this game gives players a chance to roll an exercise ball at friends in the middle who try to dodge it.  All you need is an exercise ball, a circle of friends, and a couple players in the middle.

  1. Groups create a circle in the playing area.
  2. A few students start in the middle of the circle. Add in the exercise ball.
  3. The students who are part of the circle will try to roll the ball at the players in the middle who will try to dodge the ball.
  4. If a player in the middle gets hit by the exercise ball, he must spell out a word of choice from the group leader or teacher.
  5. He then switches spots with the player who rolled the ball and contacted him.
  6. Game continues on and on. Spell lots of words!

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