Eraser Football

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Pencil eraser
Game Description: Eraser tag is an offense/defense team strategy game that mimics aspects of football, ultimate, and the like. The offensive team works together to try to bring a pencil eraser across and into the defensive endzone safely without getting tagged. This game is packed with action, strategy, and good times. No tackling!

How To Play:

  1. Create a playing area in your gym that resembles an American Football Field (or if outdoors, use a football field).
  2. The Offensive team starts in their own endzone in a huddle.
  3. The Defensive team starts spread out in the playing area.
  4. Within the huddle, offensive players pass around a small pencil eraser so that one player has it, but the defensive team can’t see who.
  5. On the signal, the offensive players try to run across to the opposite endzone without getting tagged by the defensive players.
  6. If a player is tagged, she must sit.
  7. If the player who has the eraser makes it to the endzone, that team scores a point.
  8. Switch offense and defense, and repeat!

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