Category: K

The Jellyfish Game

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Hula Hoops
Game Description: Another fun, simple, unique tag game (thanks Adrian Wagenhurst for the idea). Involves some teamwork and special maneuvers, guaranteed to please as always!

Grok’s Game

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Various obstacles (mats, beams, hurdles), small objects (bean bags, balls, etc)
Game Description: Yes, this game was created by A.I…. a bit scary isn’t it? To be honest, it’s actually not a bad game idea which is why I decided to post it. This game could be played indoors or outdoors. The more creative the obstacle course, the better I’m sure! Don’t forget to subscribe to a real human being (that’s me) before A.I takes over my job. And yours…

Guardians of the Galaxy

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Cones, Foam balls, Math/Word Cards
Game Description: Another true winner of a game (awesome idea thanks to David Isenberg). This one is cross-curricular, or also AKA literacy/numeracy. A little bit of pre-game work needs to be done here, but not much. You need to make some cards out of paper. These could be math problems, word or vowel cards, geography, science, etc, depending what you want to accomplish. You’ll make 50-100 of these cards and place them down on the floor. Then you’ll make relay teams, and teams will try to collect the cards and place them in the right category on the answer sign. There will be guardians who are assigned to try to protect the cards though…it’s a super fun, non-stop action and learning game all in one!

Free The Prisoners!

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Cones, Foam balls
Game Description: A fantastic throwing and catching (as well as other skills) game idea! Prisoners, Soldiers, Dragons, a castle… players are going to love this game. Not much equipment is needed (Thanks Daniele Penna for this game idea)

Far Away

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Special Object (ex. trophy, stuffy, Olympic torch)
Game Description: Far Away is a super easy and effective game to explore spatial awareness. Players will move around and try to be FAR AWAY from others, teaching safety in numbers and moving to open spaces. (Thanks James Barton for this game idea)

Mr Wolf Dice Roll

Grade level: K-3
Equipment: 1 Foam Dice
Game Description: Another Mr. Wolf type game (modification by Deric Hafer). Good for reaction time, running (or other movement skills) and following directions/commands. Use it in combination with the original or as a stand-alone game!

Freedom Catch

Grade level: K-6
Equipment: Cones, foam balls
Game Description: New favourite activity! Tagging, throwing, catching, strategy all jam-packed into one awesome game from Jennifer Holub. Really fun, a must try, especially if you’re looking for a game for large groups (50 players +).

Birds in a Nest

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Hula hoops
Game Description: This is a great 3-part progression that has basically 3 games in 1. It’s one of my favourites especially with Kindergartens. Gets players moving around and communicating/strategizing in different ways.