Category: Dodgeball

Grand Canyon Attack

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Foam balls, benches, cones
Game Description: ATTACK! 2 teams face off against eachother on the opposide sides of the Canyon. It’s a dodgeball game. At the GRAND CANYON. Twists and turns expected.


Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Foam balls, hula hoops, mats, scooters
Game Description: Spaceball is a PE Games original game that combines 2 awesome classic dodgeball games into 1 new game, and also includes a space theme.

Massive Kickball Dodgeball

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: 2 foam balls, exercise mats
Game Description: Great large group game (can use with up to 50 players). It’s a combination of kickball and dodgeball. As usual, lots of fun, lots of laughs, and lots of skills. A must try if you have a huge group and want to do something a bit different.

3 Ball

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: 3 dodgeballs
Game Description: Here’s a new and really unique and fun dodgeball game idea from Steve Mercado (Game of the Year at his school, thanks Steve!). Very interesting strategies involved, awareness is key. Be the last player standing in 3 Ball.

Throw For The Throne

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Foam balls, mats, 2 chairs
Game Description: Awesome idea: set-up castles using mats and chairs, throw dodgeballs to complete tasks, and be the first team to get your knight catching the winning ball while sitting on the throne – lots of great stuff involved here! (Thanks to Curtis Kroetsch for this idea)

Kings Kone

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Cones, foam balls
Game Description: King’s Kone is an awesome dodgeball variant game. Teams face-off to try to win rounds of a dodgeball game with a twist… (using whatever dodgeball rules you’d like) put down the Kings Kones as well as extra targets. There are a few ways to win: knock down the other teams cones, knock out all of the players, or shoot the special ball into the basketball hoop. Using different coloured dodgeballs will allow for some special rules such as jailbreak. This game is sure to get the players asking for more – LOTS of throwing, catching, ducking, running, dodging, sweating, and fun to be had by all! (Thanks to Don Smith)

Ultimate Warriors

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Foam balls, cones
Game Description: Ultimate Warriors is another awesome game that gets students moving, having fun, and working on a variety of skills! Split the gym into 3 sections with cones and lines. Tell the players that there will be 3 games of dodgeball going on at the same time (each 3rd correlates with a group: farmers -> knights -> warriors). If a player is hit with a ball, the player moves down and the thrower moves up. The goal is to get to the top league (the warriors). If you’re in the top league (the warriors) and you hit someone you don’t move up and if you’re in the bottom league (the farmers) you don’t move down. Set a time limit to the game. The winners are the players who finish in the top league at the end of the round. Use your own dodgeball rules and as always HAVE FUN!!! (Thanks to Joe Defreitas)

Submarines & Mines

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: 3 hula hoops, 6 foam balls
Game Description: This game is similar to the British-bulldog type of game, except the tagger(s) in the middle area get foam balls. The main object of the game is that the runners will try to go from one end of the gym to the other end without being touched by the submarines’ torpedoes (soft balls) or the mines (participants who got tagged laying on the floor on their stomach).
– 3 hula hoops are placed in center of play area – middle of gym.
– 1 captain in each submarine (hula hoop) each with 2 balls.
– at the signal, runners must try to go across gym without being touched by ball (even if it touched the ground first); if they get touched, they become mines and lay on the floor on their stomach. The only way they can move is by pivoting on their stomach. They try to assist the submarines by touching the passing participants either with their feet or hands.
– the last 3 to survive become the submarines.
– the submarines’ captains must be in their submarine while throwing and can run to fetch their balls but must come back in subs to throw again.
– remember that with the ‘go’ signal, everyone is in play until they reach a safe zone at the other end of gym.
(Thanks to Bernard Boulerice)

Castle Pool

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Foam balls, hula hoops, bowling pins
Game Description: CASTLE POOL (The teams castle is like the 8 ball in pool)…

– Class divided in two teams by the center line, just like a typical dodgeball game for example.
– Each team sets up a castle in the corner of the basketball court (down by the baseline).
– Each team will also set up 7 bowling pins on their side in the volleyball court.
– Each pin can have one guard only.
– The object of the game is for one team to knock down the other teams pins before they can attack their castle. If they knock their castle down before all there pins have been knocked down then they automatically lose the game. This being just like the game of pool where the 8 ball can’t be sunk until the end.

Great Game and Kids left begging to play again!
(Thanks to Erin Parsons)