Category: Net

4-Square Volleyball

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Volleyball
Game Description: 4-square volleyball merges the classic game of 4-square with volleyball skills like bumping and setting. Squares can be created in the sand, or using cones, or painted lines, skipping ropes, etc.  All you need is at least 4 players ready to have some fun practicing their volleyball skills. Read More →

The Serving Game (Volleyball)

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Volleyballs, net
Game Description: Great game to practice serving, after learning the proper technique. Lots of reps and serving accuracy is accomplished in this mini-game that groups one team up against another to be the team with the best serving accuracy. A must-try as part of a volleyball unit. Read More →

Continuous Badminton

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Badminton racquets, nets, birdies
Game Description: Just like the name says, this activity gives players a continuous chance to practice their badminton skills – speed shots, forehand, backhand, serving, clearing, smashing, rallying, footwork, etc. It’s a simple rotation to keep the flow going no matter what skill students are working on. It also matches students up with different random partners every time.

Serving Champs

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Volleyballs
Game Description: A great simple volleybal serving activity to practice serving reps and accuracy. Two teams of even numbers each start on their side of the court, all at the serving line. The players on one of the teams are each given a ball, as one team starts with the serves. Keep track of how many serves land in. Then it’s the other team’s turn to serve – keep track of how many of their serves landed in. Team with most points wins.

Kings Court

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Volleyball, volleyball net
Game Description: King’s Court is an idea that can be used in many sports…commonly volleyball, badminton, and basketball. When successful, players advance their way into the King’s Court. Upon losing a match or round, they start back at the beginning and work their way back up. This game rewards the stronger or advanced athletes or teams, but doesn’t take away opportunity from anyone.

Blind Volleyball

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Bedsheets (or parachutes), volleyball net, volleyball
Game Description: Blind volleyball is a regular game of volleyball except teams can’t see eachother or the other side because there are bedsheets covering the net. Parachutes also work well to cover. Great for reaction time, and ready position! Read More →