4-Square Volleyball

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Volleyball
Game Description: 4-square volleyball merges the classic game of 4-square with volleyball skills like bumping and setting. Squares can be created in the sand, or using cones, or painted lines, skipping ropes, etc.  All you need is at least 4 players ready to have some fun practicing their volleyball skills.

How To Play:

  1. Each player starts in a sqaure. The bottom right square is the King’s square.
  2. The goal is for players to advance to the King’s square by not making mistakes or bad shots.
  3. The player in King’s square starts with a small serve to any other square.
  4. Players can only have 1 contact with the ball when it comes to their square. The contact is to try to get it to a different players square.
  5. A failed shot (one that goes out or lands in own square for example) sends the player who hit it to the starting square or end of the line if there are more than 4 players.
  6. Players rotate up the order as they are successful.
  7. Please note that these quick directions of play aren’t the greatest, however, a quick search for ‘4-square rules’ will help clear things up!

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  1. ALL your videos ROCK! Thank you so much!

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