Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs, hula-hoops
Game Description: Castle Ball might be one of physedgames’ favourites! A must play! This target game adds a huge teamwork component as well as team strategy. It also ties in throwing, catching, blocking, building, and awareness. Defend your castles, and topple over the opponent castles before they get yours. WARNING: LOTS OF FUN.

  1. Create 2 teams. One team on each half of the gym. Players can never leave their own side.
  2. Spend some time practicing building castles made of hula hoops.
  3. To build a castle, it requires 6 hula hoops: 1 for the base at the bottom, 4 for the sides, and 1 for the top.
  4. It also takes some patience and teamwork to build a sturdy castle.
  5. After practicing building castles and getting the hang of it, it is time to set-up for the game.
  6. Each team builds 2 castles towards the back of their playing area.
  7. Once castles are built, add in the dodgeballs.
  8. On signal, players attmpt to throw dodgeballs at other teams castles to topple them over.
  9. A point is scored every time a castle is toppled over.
  10. When a castle is down, players simply rebuild it while the game continues.
  11. Play for as long as desired. Add in any modifications as desired.


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  1. Can you recommend hula hoops that work well for castle building? The ones I have seem impossible to stay together as a six-sided structure. I really love this game, though!

    • Sorry, I’m not sure where we got ours but they’re pretty solid (ie not flimsy) and they work really well. Even with 5 hoops we can build them without the top one on. Good-luck!

  2. My classes love this game! We purchased our hula-hoops from “Gopher Sports.” They work very well. Hope this helps.

  3. I got my from Us Games! New hula hoops seem to work better!

  4. Amazing site! Thanks for posting all of this, very helpful!

  5. Be sure your hoops are all the same size. This game is an old standby and extremely popular with my students. Try Hula Hut throw Down by J.D.Hughes, an awesome extension of the original game.

  6. Hopefully people aren’t using “dodgeballs” as in the traditional rubber playground type. Soft gator skin balls are best (approx. 6″). A great cooperative/team building activity!

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