Category: Basketball

Steal The Ball

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Type of Ball (Soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. The more the better), hula-hoops
Game Description: Start by placing a whole bunch of balls in the center area, equally spaced between anywhere from 4-8 teams. At each team area, place a hula hoop for the balls to be placed after they are taken from the middle area. On the go signal, players from each team go one at a time to the middle, dribble the ball back to their hoop and tags the next person to go. The object is to take as many balls until all are gone from the middle. When all the balls are gone from the middle, then take one ball from any of the other teams. After a designated time limit count to see which team has the most!
For soccer, the balls are to be dribbled along the ground.
For volleyball, the balls are to be “set” or “volleyed” to self all the way back to the hoop.
For basketball, dribbling.
For football/baseball, the balls can be thrown from the middle back to partner at hoop.

Hula Knockout

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Hula-hoops, basketballs (or soccerballs)
Game Description: This is a dribbling practice game. Players will partner up so there will be pairs spread out in the gym. In each pair, 1 player will start as the dribbler and have a basketball (or soccerball depending which game you want to play). The other player will place a hulahoop on the floor and stand with at least 1 foot inside of it. The player inside the hoop will try to knock away the balls of other players who come too near (remember that 1 foot must always be inside the hoop). If a player’s ball gets knocked away, they simply retrieve it and continue dribbling. After a couple of minutes, players switch roles and play again. Another great dribbling practice game, and modification of the original Knockout.

Tricky Dribbling

Grade Level: 3-8
Equipment: Basketballs (or soccerballs), plastic bowling pins
Game Description: Here is a quick game that helps players improve their dribbling skill (not just basketball, but could be done in soccer or hockey for example as well). Partners build their own ‘mini-course’ in whatever shape or line they’d like. Then they dribble through, inside, or around it, trying to NOT knock over the pins. Lots of different ways this basic idea could be turned into games of sorts, as can be seen in the video… all-in-all just another fun little way to spice up a routine skill and development.

The Ultimate Shooting Game

Grade Level: 5-8
Equipment: Basketballs, nets
Game Description: Thanks to Sarah (@SMS_PhysED on Twitter) for this idea: another awesome basketball shooting game that keeps players moving and shooting! At each hoop, 2 teams of 3-5 players per team face-off against each other to be the first team to get 5 baskets. Winning team will rotate to the next hoop; losing team stays at the hoop and play against a new opponent (winner from the game on their other side who rotates to them). This happens at every hoop. The goal is to try to be the first team to rotate around every basket. Lots of repetitions, lots of shooting, and a great idea to use as part of a basketball unit.

Hot Shots

Grade Level: 5-8
Equipment: Basketballs, hulahoops, lilly pads
Game Description: Hot Shots is a basketball shooting game where teams compete for the win! Colored lilly pads are placed on the floor all throughout the gym as shooting spots. Each player has a basketball. When a player scores a basket from a shooting spot, he picks up the lilly pad and places it in his teams collection hoop. Game goes on either for a few minutes, or until one team has 15 points (up to the teacher).

The Layup Wheel

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Basketballs, nets
Game Description: This basketball mini-game is all about lay-ups. After you’ve gone over the proper technique and progression for shooting lay-ups, use this game to practice, practice, practice!  This game gives players a chance to perform lay-ups from both the left and right sides, and can be played competitively or non-competitively. Read More →


Grade level: 6-8
Equipment: 2 basketballs, net, 5 cones
Game Description: Masterball can be played as a stand-alone game, or as a game to supplement a basketball unit. Two teams compete to be first to knock over the target cone and quickly move to layups and passing. Skills involved are aiming, rolling, catching, running, passing, and layups. Try it out! Read More →

Popcorn Basketball

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Foam balls, Lilly pads, mats
Game Description: Popcorn Basketball is a neat mini-game to play which helps reinforce shooting technique. Players move from spot to spot taking shots into a large target. One player is inside the target area, continuously tossing the balls out like a popcorn machine. Read More →


Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Ball
Game Description: Catch-5 is a top notch team game! It’s definitely one of the better games out there to promote and enhance the passing skill, as well as other skills such as moving to open spaces, pivoting, and intercepting. Lots of action and lots of fun as players work together to score points by completing 5 passes before losing control of the ball or before the other team intercepts them. Highly recommended for use as part of a basketball or team handball unit, or as a stand-alone game for physical education class. Read More →


Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Basketballs
Game Description: Pirates is a fantastic game to practice dribbling and control in basketball. All players dribble a basketball around the playing area, while 3 pirates without a ball go around and try to steal the ball from a player. If a pirate manages to steal a ball, then the player who is left without a ball is now one of the 3 pirates. Read More →