Throw Up

Grade level: 3-6
Equipment: Tennis balls, beanbags
Game Description: Throw Up gets players throwing a ball up and down (and hopefully catching) multiple times whilst doing a series of other motions to make things a bit more interesting. When students miss a catch, they must lay on their backs and successfully complete a throw and catch before they can rejoin the rest of the group. This is a great game to practice hand-eye coordination while cruising around with momentum. Lots of variations to try out as well!

  1. Give each student a ball or beanbag.
  2. As students travel around, they will throw the ball up and catch it.
  3. If they miss the catch, they lay on their back on the floor and perform a throw and catch before getting back up.


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  1. As an old retired physical education teacher (phys ed teacher) from Michigan, your website caught my interest. I have several lead-up games (for ages 6 and up to 16) that I have created, but never published. Can they be used on your website?

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