Lilly Pad Math

Grade level: 1-5
Equipment: Colored spots (lilly pads), paper
Game Description: Another active game that adds some math into the equation. Players will do some basic math as well as run, hop, skip, jump, and any other movement skills desired.

How To Play:

  1. Some preparation will have to be completed beforehand: create some basic math equations on paper or sticky notes.
  2. Place a bunch of different colored lilly pads (poly spots) on the floor (3 less than the amount of players).
  3. Place a math equation paper under each lilly pad.
  4. Each player starts on a lilly pad except for 3 players (roamers) who start just on the floor.
  5. Choose a main action: for example, ‘jumping jacks’.
  6. Call out two colors: for example, ‘red and blue’.
  7. Players on red and blue try to switch spots. Roamers can also try to grab an open spot.
  8. Once at a new spot, players look under to see math equation. The answer to the equation is how many jumping jacks to perform.
  9. Call out two new colors.
  10. Repeat for as long as you wish.

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