Rockin’ Rollers

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs
Game Description: Rockin’ Rollers is a battle between the runners and the rollers.  Runners try to make it from one end of the gym to the other without getting hit by a dodgeball that has been rolled by the rollers. If a runner gets hit by a ball (in the foot or the leg) he then joins the rolling team!  It’s as simple as that. Great game – another student and teacher favorite!

Quick how to play steps:

  1. Half of the players are runners, half are rollers.
  2. Rollers form 2 lines along the sides (perhaps along the basketball or volleyball court lines).
  3. Rollers get a dodgeball to start.
  4. Runners start at the edge.
  5. On signal, runners attempt to run to the opposite end without getting hit by a ball.
  6. Rollers try rolling the balls at the runners.
  7. Any runner hit joins the rolling team.
  8. Continue until all runners have been hit then switch roles.


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  1. Seems kind of dangerous.

    Is it not possible for the runners to get tripped up by the rolling balls and take a bad fall?

  2. Possible danger of kids tripping on rolling balls?

  3. Change the running part to having students move across on scooters.

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