Busy Bees

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: None
Game Description: ‘Busy Bees’ is a game that helps work on understanding personal space, following directions, and simple action movements.

  1. Players will each find a partner and pair up. The pairs of bees then start off by facing each other.
  2. The leader bee (teacher or whoever) who stands alone calls out some actions that the pairs complete – back-to-back, front-to-front, elbows-to-elbows, etc.
  3. Partner switches are eventually made, and players can choose to buzz around as they see fit.


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  1. I just discovered your website. Wow! I have been a PE teacher since 1990 and really found a lot of great new games. I have seen a few of these played in a variety of ways, but I really like they quick easy presentation you provide.

    Today I played Eraser Tag and Swamp Ball with my classes. Success. I could do a different game or two every day based solely off your site. You just made my life a whole lot easier. This is my second year teaching in South Korea and so I had to leave a lot of my plans and resources back in the states. Awesome site.

    Thank you,


  2. I am in my 22 year of teaching PE and I love this web site!!! It has so many fun activities and the videos are very helpful! I highly recommend!

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