Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Hula-hoops
Game Description: In ‘Shipwreck’ teams of sailors will race their boats from one end of the gym to the other. Of course it won’t be that easy… players need to work together. Teamwork is the key!

  1. Choose a start line and a finish line.
  2. Create teams of 4 or 5 per team.
  3. Give each team a hula hoop (represents their ship).
  4. The teams will race their ships from start to finish line by carrying the hula hoop together.
  5. Along the way, if the teacher calls out, ‘SHIPWRECK’ then the players drop the hula hoop on the floor and try to be the first team to have all members stand inside.  A point is earned for the team who gets inside fastest.
  6. Race resumes with a whistle blow.
  7. Teacher can call out ‘Shipwreck’ as often as desired.
  8. First team to cross the finish line earns 2 points.
  9. Play again!



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  1. Adaptive suggestions? What if you have some students with physical delays so that moving fast is difficult?

  2. This activity with a difficult Grade 3 class worked well. Mostly because instructions for this activity are brief. I used 3 large pieces of cardboard for the 3 teams..

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