Crows & Cranes

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: Crows & Cranes is some plain old fashioned fun. Half of the players are Crows and the other half are Cranes. Each group will have their turns chasing each other trying to tag the opposing players to get them to join their team.

  1. Use the center line as a starting point. The Crows line up along one side of it, back-to-back of the Cranes who line up on the other side.crow1
  2. The teacher or leader will call out either ‘Crows’ or ‘Cranes’.
  3. If ‘Cranes’ (blue team) is called out, the Cranes chase the Crows to their side, trying to tag them.
  4. If ‘Crows’ (yellow team) is called out, the Crows chase the Cranes to their side, trying to tag them.crow2
  5. In the example, Cranes was called out, so any crows who are tagged before getting to their end line join the cranes.crow3
  6. 1 Crow (yellow) was caught, so that player joins the blue team.
  7. Players reset along middle, and teacher or leader calls out a group again.crow4
  8. Repeat as desired or until one team has all been caught and have no more players.

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  1. What is even more fun is that the person calling out the crows and cranes, tells a story that they make up, and whenever they mention the word crow in the story…It’s a lot more fun.

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