Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs
Game Description: Roadkill is a highly requested PE game where a group of animals attempts to run from one side to the other without getting hit by dodgeballs thrown by the throwers at the sides. When an animal is hit, he becomes ‘roadkill’ on the path and can then tag other animals as they run by. Modify and add any rules as you see fit to make it a safe game for your gym. Perhaps you’d like to change the name of this game for your students. Or perhaps not…

  1. One team, the animals, lines up along the edge of the gym, ready to run across.
  2. The other team, the throwers, form 2 lines along the sides of the gym, ready to throw dodgeballs.
  3. As the animals run across, the throwers throw or roll the balls to hit them.
  4. When hit, an animal becomes roadkill and sits where hit (can tag other animals running in each new round).
  5. Play until all animals are roadkill then start a new round, switching roles first.

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