Pizza Tag

Grade level: 2-5
Equipment: None
Game Description: There’s a chef who’s ready to cook some pizzas. And then there are 3 types of toppings who try to run across to the other side without getting tagged by the chef. When tagged, players go into the oven, but only for awhile. This game is best played when students get to choose what toppings they’d like to be. Sometimes it gets pretty creative! Either way, lots of running, and lots of fun.

  1. Choose a chef or two to be the tagger in the middle.
  2. The rest of the players line up along one end. Each one will be one of 3 toppings (ex. pepperoni, cheese, mushroom).
  3. The chefs call out a topping (ex. if ‘mushroom’ is called, then all the mushrooms try to run to the opposite end without getting tagged).
  4. Any time players are tagged they go to the side and sit in the oven (or perform some task on the side to minimize inactive time).
  5. Call out ‘open the oven’ to end the round.
  6. Play as often as you’d like!

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  1. I call out ‘oh no my pizza fell on the floor’ and then everyone is free to run and scatter back to home base without getting tagged (a way for everyone to get back into the game) and then the game starts again ( with new chefs)

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