Pin Knockover

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Plastic bowling pins, dodgeballs
Game Description: Pin Knockover is a classic target throwing or rolling game. Two teams match-up on each side of the gym and be the first team to knock over all of the opposing teams pins. Other skills involved are blocking, goaltending, running, underhand, overhand, ducking, etc. Great team game for development and enjoyment.

  1. Create 2 teams, each on one half of the gym.
  2. Set-up an equal amount of pins on both sides. Those are the targets.
  3. Use a line in front of the pins where students can’t ‘puppy guard’ behind.
  4. Add in the dodgeballs.
  5. First team to knock over all the other teams pins wins. If a player accidentally knocks over his own pin, too bad.
  6. Play over and over again!

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