Net Dodgeball

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs, nets/goals
Game Description: Net dodgeball is basically a standard game of dodgeball, except that each team also has a net and a goalie. Any time a team scores a goal by throwing a dodgeball past the opposing goalie, all of the players who were out get to enter back into the game. Also use detective dodgeball rules to ensure players are getting maximum participation and movement time…if you’re unsure what detective dodgeball rules are, find the rules to that game on this site!


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  1. Please remove all dodgeball games from your site. These types of games are not acceptable in physical education. If you need more information, I suggest you go to the NASPE site and check out the latest physical education standards and best practices.

    • Just absolutely bewilders me that someone would post such a ridiculous comment with such an outrageous request. I think Randy might need more information on minding his own business. Luckily for my situation, I’m not an employee of the school system, working instead as a private contractor, so the NASPE holds no sway over my lesson plans and dodgeball is without a doubt one of, if not the most, requested games we play at my parties and after school programs! Good for you, Brian, for eloquently telling him to ‘go kick rocks’!

  2. Sorry, we will not remove any dodgeball games from this site. We understand that the NASPE does not support the use of dodgeball in PE. However, we believe that if a teacher provides a positive environment in his or her class, where students feel safe and are respectful of each other – part of the foundation of a PE program – then dodgeball can be a great way to supplement a PE program.

    EDIT: Please note that this is a Canadian-based website, which is not under the American NASPE governing body.

  3. I’m in the USA and I agree with the ‘admin’ on this issue. The way I ‘worked around it’, is that it is rarely a whole class activity. I have alternative activities on one third of the gym for those that don’t enjoy dodgeball. Our balls are ultra-soft gatorskin balls. if we get too much ‘drama’, we just stop the game. Probably 95% of my students consider dodgeball type games to be their favorite. NASPE can take a ‘leap off a bridge’ on this issue. Most of the time when one is ‘out’, they merely take a lap around the gym, get back on their side . . . and continue playing. No sitting or waiting in long lines in my gym.

  4. I’m going to have to side with the admin side on this, too. Ridiculous to call for a ban of a type of game from a website. If you don’t want to play it, don’t play it. I will continue to use these games with my P.E. class because kids love them.

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