Mat Tag

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: 4 mats, 2 dodgeballs
Game Description: Mat tag is a quick warm-up game that can be used as a part of a baseball unit, or as a stand-alone mini-game. There are 4 mats that represent the bases. Players will continuously round the bases in one direction trying not to get tagged by the taggers who have dodgeballs. Runners are safe on the mats, but only a certain amount of players can be on a mat (base) at a time! Lots of flow, lots of motion, try it out!

  1. Place mats on the floor similar to how bases are laid out in baseball.
  2. Start with an even number of students on each base (any extra students can start between the bases).
  3. Choose a direction to travel around the bases.
  4. Choose 2 students to be taggers and give them dodgeballs.
  5. On the signal, players will round the bases continuously, trying not to get hit by a tagger’s dodgeball.
  6. Players are safe when on the mats, but can get hit when traveling between the mats.
  7. Only a specified number of players on a mat at a time.
  8. Whenever a player is hit, that player then becomes a tagger, and the previous tagger becomes a runner (ie, role switch).


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  1. If only two people are ‘it’ who collects the balls that miss targets? may slow game up if they need to retrieve their own throws?
    Great site btw

  2. what do you do when a person tags another peson do they drop it and someone else pick it up

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