Gingerbread Man Tag

Grade level: K-5
Equipment: 4 exercise mats
Game Description: Gingerbread Man Tag is a great stand-alone or Christmas tag game for players to enjoy.

– Set-up mats in the corners (or mats along each end of the gym, if you’d like to play British Bulldog style).
– All players lay down on one of the mats.
– The tagger (baker) stands in the middle and says, “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.”
– The players then run to get to a different mat while trying not to get tagged by the baker. If they get tagged they help in the next round. Players that make it to a mat without getting caught just lay down on the mats to prepare for the next round.

This is an easy game and a great game as it involves running and jumping up to run which is always a blast in the gym. Teacher can even start as the baker which really gives the kids a kick. (Thanks to Shari Wenzel for this game idea).


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  1. I play this, but a great variation is once caught they lose a limb, so if they get caught once they may put an arm behind their back, if they get caught again they have to hop on one leg.

  2. We added 2 foxes to the mats (cookie sheet) and they only chase the bakers, while bakers chase cookies. If tagged the Bakers had to do 15 jumping jacks to return to game. Once all bakers return to kitchen (foxes return to cookie sheets)

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