Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: 4 scooters, 4 mats, 4 ropes
Game Description: Object of this game is to “rescue” teammates off of “Danger Land” and get everyone to “Fun Land”. Explain that Danger Land is a dangerous place to live due to earthquakes, fires, flooding, dinosaurs…; while Fun Land is a safe pleasant place. Each team is allowed one boat (a floor scooter) and one rope. Players are not allowed to touch the water or else they will have to return to Danger Land. It is up to each group to figure out the best way to get their team across the ocean (without touching water). Students are allowed to stop at the island, but will want to continue their journey to Fun land, because there is no food on the island. This is not a race (although you could add that challenge for a little bit of competition) – teams just try to make it! If a group finishes first have them repeat again!
(Thanks to Mark McConnell)


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  1. Every grade loved this game! (I teach 4-8th)

  2. Do you have a copy of the written suggestions? It kind of hard to read them on screen. Thank you.

  3. I teach 4th and 5th graders. We played that the whole team had to return if anyone touched. They absolutely loved it and wanted to play again. I changed the teams up, replaced the jumprope with a hula hoop, and said that the island was floating and would sink if more than 2 players from the same team were on it.

  4. I would also love a copy of the written instructions. Does anyone have them? Thank you ?

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