Castle Pool

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Foam balls, hula hoops, bowling pins
Game Description: CASTLE POOL (The teams castle is like the 8 ball in pool)…

– Class divided in two teams by the center line, just like a typical dodgeball game for example.
– Each team sets up a castle in the corner of the basketball court (down by the baseline).
– Each team will also set up 7 bowling pins on their side in the volleyball court.
– Each pin can have one guard only.
– The object of the game is for one team to knock down the other teams pins before they can attack their castle. If they knock their castle down before all there pins have been knocked down then they automatically lose the game. This being just like the game of pool where the 8 ball can’t be sunk until the end.

Great Game and Kids left begging to play again!
(Thanks to Erin Parsons)


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  1. Do kids get out when they get hit?

    • Great question! Seems too easy with all kids in play all the time. Play like dodgeball and have a way to get back in? Open to suggestions!

  2. Can the opposing teams cross the center line? If so what are the consequences?

  3. Tried this game, but ended up with too many kids around the pin when one or two pins were left. Suggestions?

    • I always tell my kids there can only be 1 guard in front of the pins, but they must stay 1 GIANT step in front of it. If more kids start trying to guard, I warn them and they usually back away. If they don’t, I move them to the “penalty box” – they miss 1 minute of the game. They know this ahead of time so they’re usually pretty good about staying away!

  4. What were your consequences if students crossed the center line?

  5. put a hula hoop around the pin to keep the kids from getting to close to the bowling pin.

  6. When I was a kid we played a game that was very similar (knock down a row of guarded pins), but had the dodgeball element; if you got hit, you went to the “dungeon” along one side of the other team’s half; this was guarded by one “dungeon master.” Your team could then try to get you out of jail–I’m not 100% confident in my memory here, but I think it was by knocking down a pin in front of the jail. The goalie could catch your ball but also had to beware of knocking down the jail pin by accident. And I *think* that if you were in jail, and caught a ball, you alone could leave jail? As opposed to the jail pin method, which freed everyone from jail at once.

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