Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Football, basketball court
Game Description: This game is similar to Ultimate Frisbee, but with a football, on a basketball court! Divide your classes into teams of 5 on 5 or less. This also depends on the number of basketball courts you have for class time. The game starts by having the two captains play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine possession. If you win RPS, you decide if your team will defend or receive. Both teams head under their respective baskets on the basketball court and the defending team throws the football to the receiving team. Play begins by the receiving team picking up the ball, or catching it (this is the only time it can be dropped without a turnover) and begin to advance it toward their basket. The receiving team can only advance the football by throwing it to a team-mate who must catch it and STOP, like Ultimate Frisbee. If it is dropped, the defending team gets possession at that spot to try to advance it in the same manner toward their basket. Points are scored when the football goes through the basketball hoop. Play 5 minute quarters (like basketball) or 2- 10 minute halves, switching baskets at half time. Play round robin games or winners play winners. Some additional rules to follow: Defensive players are NOT allowed to hit the ball out of the hand of the offensive player. The ball can only be swatted out of the air after it has been thrown by a player. The defence can only guard within 1-2 feet of an offensive player (like ultimate frisbee). Some of the older classes will benefit from girl teams play girl teams or boys play boys. Or, you can make a rule, boys pass to girls and girls to boys in order to include all players get a fair chance at playing the game during game play. (Thanks to Mary Kerschbaum for this idea)

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