Category: Warm-up


Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Tennis balls, volleyballs, pylons
Game Description: Bullseye is a hugely simple and hugely awesome throwing or target game. Two teams compete to be the first to knock the volleyballs off their cones by chucking tennis balls at them. Heads up! Read More →

Pass It On

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Hula hoops, various items
Game Description: This team-building game is great for any physical education class. Players will work together to pass objects to each other to be the first team to successfully move all objects from one end to the other. There’s a catch though…players are must all lay down on their backs and pass only with their feet. Read More →

The Video Camera Game

Grade level: K-5
Equipment: None
Game Description: Very simple warm-up game with a simple idea: the teacher calls out familiar actions that you would find on a video camera – play, stop, rewind, fast forward, etc. For each word that’s called out, the students will have to perform the related action within the playing area. Call random orders and mix it up! Switch leaders after awhile too to create their own patterns or sequences. Here’s what we have to get you started: Read More →

Shark Attack

Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: None
Game Description: This game is a huge hit. It is very similar to a British Bulldog-type game, however, Shark Attack brings players to the beach for change of scenery. The idea is for the swimmers to not get bit (tagged) by the sharks in the middle. Read More →

4-Side Warmup

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: 4 cones
Game Description: This is a simple warm-up activity. Just as the name says, it’s a 4-sided warm-up. Using the lengths and widths of the gym, choose 4 warm-up actions or movements for your athletes to perform for as many repetitions as needed. As with any warm-up, always try to choose actions or motions that are related to the upcoming main activity. Read More →

Hulahoop Madness

Grade level: K-5
Equipment: Hula hoops, music
Game Description: Another movement game to help enhance discussions and awareness of personal space. Hula hoop madness starts with lots of hula hoops on the floor for students to jump into when the music stops. But eventually as you take more and more away after every round, there won’t be many left, and things start to get squishy. Read More →


Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Ball
Game Description: Strikeball is a great little game to work on aspects of goaltending, fielding, striking, and reaction time. Circle groups of any size can play this game together and try to score points by striking the ball between the legs of another player. Continuous fun and practice. Read More →

The Question Game

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: Do you have brown hair? Do you have an older brother? Do you have a birthday in January? These types of questions can be asked in ‘The Question Game’, where students attempt to make it across to the other side without getting tagged. Players can only run if the question pertains to them. As more and more players get tagged, more and more become the tagger in the middle and it gets more difficult for the runners. Try it out and come up with your own questions. Read More →