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Guardians of the Galaxy

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Cones, Foam balls, Math/Word Cards
Game Description: Another true winner of a game (awesome idea thanks to David Isenberg). This one is cross-curricular, or also AKA literacy/numeracy. A little bit of pre-game work needs to be done here, but not much. You need to make some cards out of paper. These could be math problems, word or vowel cards, geography, science, etc, depending what you want to accomplish. You’ll make 50-100 of these cards and place them down on the floor. Then you’ll make relay teams, and teams will try to collect the cards and place them in the right category on the answer sign. There will be guardians who are assigned to try to protect the cards though…it’s a super fun, non-stop action and learning game all in one!

Home Free Bad Guy Blob Tag

Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: Hula hoops, pool noodles
Game Description: What a great game, seriously one of the best tag games out there. This is a must play. Lots of Dynamics, lots going on in this unique idea thanks to Dan Penna for another hit.

Freedom Catch

Grade level: K-6
Equipment: Cones, foam balls
Game Description: New favourite activity! Tagging, throwing, catching, strategy all jam-packed into one awesome game from Jennifer Holub. Really fun, a must try, especially if you’re looking for a game for large groups (50 players +).

Pirate Ships

Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: Cones, hula hoops, beanbags
Game Description: This one is a new favourite. A little bit of a Capture the Flag feel to it – groups of pirates work together to try and steal the treasure off of the defender ship. NON-STOP ACTION, players really move in this great game idea thanks to Deric Hafer.

Gorilla Man Gun

Grade level: 2-7
Equipment: None
Game Description: A great game idea with no equipment needed! 3 different actions or poses: Gorilla, Man, and Gun. Uses the ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ format with a running portion and competition as well. Sure to get kids moving and having fun with decisive actions, movement execution, and chasing/fleeing. (Thanks to Angela Pilcher)

Cat & Mouse

Grade level: K-5
Equipment: Beanbags, cones
Game Description: This game combines a couple other game ideas into 1 unique and fun game: you’ve got the mice who need to grab the cheese along the way. And you’ve got the cats who try to stop the mice and catch them. (Thanks to Deric Hafer for this game)

Here Comes The Gator!

Grade level: K-3
Equipment: Hula hoops & cones
Game Description: Another fun game idea from Deric Hafer! The frogs try to get to the other side, while trying to avoid the gators. Great for the imagination and the heart.