Category: Fun

Triple Ball

Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: 3 balls, Hula hoop, cones
Game Description: Triple ball is like a mini version of Kickball. With 3 balls. Kicking and fielding positions are played, and there’s no shortage of activity. Small groups can set themselves all throughout the field and PLAY!


Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Mats, nets, foam balls (2 colors)
Game Description: This is a handball and target type game with a little bit of dodgeball (the dodgeball part is optional if you don’t wish to include it). The main goal of the game is for players to score as many points as they can on the opposing team before the round is over – either 3 minutes per round or first to 5 points! There are goalies on each side who do their best to save the shots taken. Goalies can’t get ‘out’ if hit, unless they leave their crease area.

Dive Ball

Grade Level: 4-8
Equipment: Mats, crash mats, handball
Game Description: This is a handball type game, but instead of scoring into goals, players must complete a diving catch onto a crash mat to score a point. Use whatever typical handball rules (3 steps, 3 seconds with the ball, etc) and go at it! For safety purposes, just make sure only 1 player per team can dive at the same time.

Crabs & Lobsters

Grade Level: 1-6
Equipment: Cones, beachballs, music
Game Description: This game is a special take on Crab Soccer, one that gets crabs doing the crabwalk around trying to score points by kicking the ball into the opposing teams goal area. The lobsters are the goalies who can use their hands to punch or push the ball away. All players get a chance to be both crab and lobster, using different movement skills to accomplish their tasks.

Critter Dash

Grade Level: 1-5
Equipment: Beanbags, tails
Game Description: The critters (squirrels, racoons, or whatever animals you want to use) try to get the pieces of food from the far side safely back to their home without getting their tails swiped off by the foxes! This game includes running, dodging, strategy, and good old fun. All you need are some beanbags – or substitute other – and some tails for the critters to wear. Read More →

Keeper of the Castle

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Various
Game Description: In this game, the Keeper (or Keepers) of the Castle tries to protect the treasure inside the castle by tagging players who come close to steal the treasure. In their teams, players try to capture as many pieces of treasure as possible until there’s nothing left. The team with the most treasure at the end wins the round. Switch up the Keepers after every round and play as many rounds as desired! Read More →

Pirates & Sailors

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Mats, pool noodles
Game Description: Pirates & Sailors gives pirates a chance to try to tag sailors by chasing them with a pool noodle!  If a sailor gets tagged, he must go into the pirate ship (prison). Sailors are safe in their own ships, but can only stay in them for 3 seconds. Sailors stuck in prison can be freed by other sailors if they can get to them without getting caught by a pirate. This game can get really intense; a great way to get exercise and have fun! Read More →