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Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: Hula hoops, pool noodles
Game Description: What a great game, seriously one of the best tag games out there. This is a must play. Lots of Dynamics, lots going on in this unique idea thanks to Dan Penna for another hit.


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  1. Thank you for your video and explanation about this game. I have a question, each team should have. a different password? What can the students that are out of the game do in the meantime?

    Thanks a lot.

    • You’re welcome! There’s just one password (same password) for everyone. But you can and probably should change that password every new round. Students are ‘out of the game’ only in the first round (which is a learning round that doesn’t last too too long) so I just have them sit to the side and watch the round play out (again, it’s not long sitting at all). Enjoy!

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