Capture The Flag

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Flags (or pins), hula hoops, pylons
Game Description: Capture The Flag is one of the most popular physical education games out there. It is an intense action game, with lots of team strategy, and lots of activity. There are many versions of this game; the version shown here has been tried and tested many times, and proves to be one of the most enjoyed games in the gym. The idea is simple: be the first team to capture all the flags, and bring them to your side. Careful to not get tagged, or you’re stuck in jail until someone saves you!

  1. Create the playing area as shown. On each on a half of the gym: a hula hoop in the corner with flags inside, surrounded by cones. Also 2 hula hoops as prisons.
  2. Teams start in their own half. The goal is for teams to try and capture all of the flags to their own side.
  3. When traveling on the opposing teams side, players can get tagged. If that happens, they must go into a jail.
  4. Players can save someone in jail by safely making it to them, and then both get a free walk back to their side.
  5. If players make it into the opposite flag area (inside the cones) they can’t be tagged in there. They will try to escape with 1 flag back to their side.
  6. If tagged along the way back with flag in hand, they must return the flag and go into prison.
  7. Use ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to solve any problems when players from both sides argue whether players were passed the line or tagged before getting passed.
  8. If a team captures all of the flags, the round is over. Start a new round!


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  1. This is great site….thank you for this…

  2. No problem 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy it!

  3. Is there any way of copying pictures of the way the games are set up on a playing area to put with directions for staff? This would be helpful because we do not always have access to computers or ways to show the kids/staff the videos. Thank you!

    • I have ‘googled’ the game name, clicked on the images section of Google, and have found the set-up picture there for my day plans

  4. Variation to this game. Use 10 bean bags on each side. Game continues until one team has all the gold. This extends the game without having to stop and reset the game when the flag is retrieved by a team.
    I call this Steal the gold and often incorporate it into pirate themed units with emementary classrooms.

  5. It’s awesome!
    It is really nice and helpful for me.
    Thank you very much!

  6. this is a great site

  7. The kids love capture the flag, thank you!

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