Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: 4 hula hoops, 4 cones, 4 tennis balls, foam balls
Game Description: In this game, 4 teams will each receive a corner piece (or quadrant) of the playing area and guard their base (tennis ball on top of a cone, inside a hula hoop) while at the same time trying to knock down the other teams. Using foam balls (dodgeballs) players will do their best job trying to hit the target – not the other players. Another game with lots of action and lots of fun for any physical education class. (Thanks to Mason Bond for the idea)


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  1. Fun game! ALL students are involved and want to be! I changed the rules for the younger kids and played this game K-6 grades. I added a rule for all grades that when the tennis ball got knocked off the cone, players from that team would go anywhere to get a ball, but had to come back to their space to throw the ball so the game could continue and they were still involved.

  2. How did it work out with them going anywhere? I definitely had an issue with students hoarding the balls in their quadrant and tried to add point values for bowling pins being knocked down.

  3. Since my gym is smaller, I only have 2 teams & they have 4 cones to guard; they have to be 1 giant step in front of the cone. To keep the game going, I allow them to put up 1 tennis ball if a player from their team makes a basket on the opposite end of the court. They are only allowed 4 baskets each round (I use my iPad scoreboard to keep track of how many baskets a team has made).

  4. I play this but have the game never end. When a teams ball is knocked off, the team must make up the start of a team celebration. Every time the ball is knocked off, they add another part to their team celebration. Each team presents their celebration at the end of class (can present it like theyre creating their own tik tok dance as well)

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