Secret Agent Tag

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: The ‘Bad guys’ are the taggers. The ‘Secret Agents’ are the freers. The rest of the players (the runners) are the ‘Citizens’. Before the game starts, ALL players sit down, close their eyes, and put their heads down so they can’t see anything. Then the teacher goes around and taps 2-3 players ONCE on the head – those players will be the Bad guys. The teacher also goes around and taps 2-3 players TWICE on the head – those players will be the Secret Agents. After that, give all players 5 seconds to find a spot anywhere in the playing area and blow the whistle to start the game! When a player is tagged by a Bad guy he must sit down. He’s stuck down until a freer (Secret Agent) taps him on the shoulder, then he can get back up and continue playing. Careful though, because the Secret Agents can also be tagged! If the Secret Agents all end up being tagged and are sitting, then the round is over. Choose new roles and play again! (Thanks to Jeff Harrison for the idea)


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  1. This is my first year teaching PE and I am looking everywhere for new ideas that are simple, but will get the students moving and having fun without just playing the same ole games over and over! They absolutely loved this game. I am teaching grades 3-5 and it was a little tough for the younger students to grasp, but the older 2 grades loved it! Thank you for all of the ideas and games! This is the first website that I come to when I need an idea or game!

  2. I’m having a little trouble understanding this game. The video tutorial says one thing and the written game description says the next. Needs some clarity on both parts.

  3. Chemberleigh Crawford

    Hi, Thanks for all the great game idea, You have been a HUGE help.
    I’m not trying to make this complicated but If the students eyes are closed, how do they know who’s in what roll?

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