The Question Game

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: Do you have¬†brown hair? Do you have an older brother? Do you have a birthday in January? These types of questions can be asked in ‘The Question Game’, where students attempt to make it across to the other side without getting tagged. Players can only run if the question pertains to them. As more and more players get tagged, more and more become the tagger in the middle and it gets more difficult for the runners. Try it out and come up with your own questions.

  1. Students line up along one end of the gym.
  2. As the leader for the first round, the teacher starts in the middle as the tagger.
  3. Ask a question such as “Do you have blonde hair?”
  4. Any students who have blonde hair try to run to the other side without getting tagged.
  5. Any students who are tagged then also become taggers in the middle.
  6. Continue to ask questions, etc, etc.
  7. After everyone is caught, switch up the leader and start a new round.

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  1. An absolutely simple and perfect game! Thank you.

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