Alphabet In Motion

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Alphabet letter pages
Game Description: This game enhances student physical literacy by creating active spelling activities in PE class. Another combination of movement and literacy, in which students will run around from letter to letter, spelling out different words. Add in some exercises as well, and push for both a strong physical and mental workout!

  1. Some prep work is needed beforehand to create pages each with a letter of the alphabet (create doubles and triples especially of vowels and common letters).
  2. Place letter pages randomly spread out throughout the floor with the letter facing up.
  3. Students start along one end of the gym.
  4. To start, you can have them spell their name by running from letter to letter to spell their name.
  5. Then they can spell other words (choose a theme or length).
  6. Change up the type of movement, or give an exercise to perform at each letter.

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