Super Kickball

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Foam ball, pinnies
Game Description: Super Kickball takes the classic version of kickball and modifies it so that more players get moving more often! On the kick, the entire kicking team attempts to run back and forth from first base to home. Individuals can go back and forth as many times as they’d like until the play is stopped.  And there’s only 1 base (the far line)!  For as many times players can make a round trip home, that’s how many points they earn. Tonnes of points can be earned in one simple kick. 3 outs and teams switch roles.

How to Play, step by step:

  1. Kicking team lines up along sideline.
  2. Fielding team spreads out in playing area.
  3. Pitcher rolls foam ball to any kicker who kicks it.
  4. Once kicked, individual players on kicking team attempt to run back-and-forth from first base (far line) and home as many times as they’d like.
  5. Runners can choose to stay on base if they’d like.
  6. Runs are scored for every successful return home – many points can be earned in just one kick!
  7. Fielding team can get kickers ‘out’ by: catching a pop-fly, or tagging, or throwing and hitting a runner with the ball.
  8. It’s possible to get 3 outs in one kick if players keep running.
  9. Switch roles after 3 outs.
  10. At any time, the fielding team can stop the play by throwing the ball to the pitcher in the middle.



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  1. Great idea, however I tried it with my P.E. class and it was chaotic. I have 25 students and this did not turn out well. I have used many of your ideas! Keep them coming.

  2. I used this game yesterday with my younger students (2nd-4th grade) but took out the tagging part.
    The fielders had to get the ball back to the pitcher, myself, in order to stop the play. I blew the whistle when the ball was in my hands and if any students were off base it counted as one out.
    Some groups got smart and didn’t run at all after a kick unless it went really far. I made the rule that we would go through the batting order and then switch sides if they didn’t get to 3 outs.
    They loved it!

  3. I used this game in my different PE classes grades 6-10 ranging from 10 students to 20. Very interesting to see how the kids would pick up on the different rules to play and what was the most effective method. One team would keep trying to get outs but tossing the ball at people and kept missing allowing the rest of the team to run more. It’s tough finding games that I can use in the age range that I have. But even the HS students were enjoying the game. Love the website! Just found it this summer and have used several games so far. We played Keeper of the Castle today. Thanks for posting these games!

  4. Cool game bruh¡¡¡

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