Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Foam balls, pinnies
Game Description: The Bandits attempt to kick the balls away from the players who are spread out along the gym floor. As the players move around dribbling, passing, and escaping to open areas, the bandits try to get rid of their ball by kicking it away and into a wall! As more balls are taken out of play, the difficulty level increases. Great game to use as part of a soccer unit, or as a stand alone physical education game.

How To Play:

  1. Players start off spread out in the gym.
  2. Choose 2 or 3 players to be bandits. Bandits wear pinnies.
  3. Put in a certain amount of foam balls (perhaps start with 1 ball for each player).
  4. On the signal, players dribble around, trying to stay away from the bandits.
  5. The bandits attempt to kick the balls away from the players.
  6. If a ball is kicked into a wall, then it is taken out of play.
  7. Continue until there are no more balls left.
  8. Start a new round with new bandits!


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  1. I see a lot of games with “pinnies” listed as a needed item. What IS that? Is it supposed to be “pennies”? Many of them, I can’t even figure out what they’re used for. Thanks for the clarification.

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