Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: 3 exercise balls, dodgeballs
Game Description: Powerball is intense. It’s a target throwing game to get the heart-rate and excitement up! Teams throw dodgeballs at large exercise balls in order to push them passed the opposing teams goal line. Points are scored everytime that happens. Try it out sometime!

  1. Create 2 teams on the sides of the gym at the lines.
  2. Place exercise balls or other in the middle as targets.
  3. Give players dodgeballs.
  4. Players throw dodgeballs at the exercise balls in order to push them across the opposite line to score points.
  5. Play for determined amount of time or score.


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  1. When I explained this game to my students one kid made the comment, “Sounds easy enough!” He took back that statement after 5 minutes. Here’s a little modifier. Since we only have a couple exercise balls, I modified the scoring system. We use the exercise balls and if they cross the line they are worth 1 point. Then for a third ball, I use an indoor soccer ball and tell the kids that it is the “Powerball” and it’s worth 3 points. It adds a little more strategy to the mix and ups the difficulty level. Also if students are cheating in any fashion or demonstrating poor sportsmanship, you take a point away. We play first team to 10 points with 5 minute rounds. Enjoy!

  2. This is a good one, all the kids come in the next day complaining how sore their arms/shoulders are.

    I add a second set of lines a few feet from where the kids stand as the goal line so they aren’t tempted to kick or push the ball when it gets close to the line.
    I also pick a runner from each team to be the ball retriever. That is the only person who may step into the center field to retrieve a ball and throw it back to their teammate. I preface that they must understand the risk of being inside the throwing zone and run the risk of getting hit by a dodgeball. They must remain on the edge unless they are getting a ball and may not touch the exercise ball. After a point is scored, switch runners.

  3. So, do you reset all of the exercise balls in the center once a point is scored?

    • Usually a player from the team who was scored on just brings the 1 ball to the middle as the game continues on. But you could do it that way too.

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