Pace Setter

Grade level: 3-6
Equipment: Cones
Game Description: Another great game idea thanks to Joe Defreitas. This one is to help students practice pacing themselves (slow, mid, fast – walking, jogging, running) and for long distance. Set-up cones to form a large oval, enough cones 1 for each player, in a large area. Cones should be in a color sequence/pattern (example: red, green, yellow, blue, repeat). Every player must sit behind their own cone and remember which cone is theirs. The teacher or coach will have a stopwatch and tell the players they need to do 1 lap (up to you how many laps) in exactly 40 seconds. The winner is the player who got back around to their cone in the specified time that you said. So in order to be successful they will have to either walk, jog, or run.

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