Mini Skills Triathlon

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Beanbags, Hula hoops
Game Description: A great ‘mini’ triathlon using THREE different important skills. This idea could be a great introduction to talking about an official triathlon (endurance race – swimming, cycling, running). Get students practicing their underhand toss, balance, and kicking skills, while also getting sweaty in a fun competition. Not much equipment is required, just some patience and good work ethic to get the job done! Each student will need a beanbag and a hula hoop. Give the instructions, explaining the three different parts to this triathlon, and GO!!! Race is on! Or if you don’t want it to be a race, simply have them complete it in their fastest time possible. Control is key, explain how finding the balance between control and speed is super important!


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  1. I am currently doing my edTPA submissions, do you have any other lesson ideas I could use to expand on this or break it down? I have to video and submit three lessons. Could I use this as like a final game on the last day? For example, the first day work on underhand tossing, then the second day work on the balance and kicking (since they will be quicker) and then the third day have this as the final game?

  2. A great ‘mini’ triathlon using THREE different important skills

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