Math In Action

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Cones, 2 batons
Game Description: Another math and physical education combo – this game matches up 2 teams, both of which need to be ready to use their mental math skills. The quicker the brain and feet are ready to work, the more points a team can earn. Or if you prefer to not have a point system, just let the players go at it.

  1. Create two teams. Each team starts in a line on opposite sides of the gym.
  2. In the middle of the 2 teams, place cones.  Each cone must have a different number on it (attach a paper so that both teams can see the number).
  3. The basic idea is this: the teacher will call out a math equation, and the students will try to be the first to run to the cone that contains the correct answer, and then back to their team.
  4. The first player in each line will start with a baton or stick. Those players compete for the first equation.
  5. The team who loses can do 5 jumping jacks or different action.
  6. The batons are then passed to the next players in line for the next equation.
  7. Etc, etc, the game continues on in that fashion.
  8. Have fun, and practice some basic math skills at the same time!

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