Grade level: 6-8
Equipment: 2 basketballs, net, 5 cones
Game Description: Masterball can be played as a stand-alone game, or as a game to supplement a basketball unit. Two teams compete to be first to knock over the target cone and quickly move to layups and passing. Skills involved are aiming, rolling, catching, running, passing, and layups. Try it out!

  1. Near a basketball hoop, set-up a large sqaure using 4 cones for the corners. Then place 1 cone in the middle as a target cone.
  2. Divide players into 2 teams. Each team splits their players into halves. Those will start lined-up in opposite diagonal corners facing eachother.
  3. Give each team a basketball to start (first player in one line from each team gets a ball).
  4. On the signal, teams roll their basketballs back-and-forth trying to knock over the target cone in the middle.
  5. The team that eventually knocks over the cone quickly lines up at the basketball hoop and completes continuous layups.
  6. The team that didn’t knock over the cones goes to the opposite end and performs 15-20 chest passes, counting out loud.
  7. In this example, the blue team has knocked over the cone, so they do layups while the green team passes.
  8. Once the 20 passes have been made, all groups go back to their original cones.
  9. Game continues on and on from steps 4-8 repeating.


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  1. Thanks, my 6th grades loved this one

    Your website is a great contribution for the PE world!

  2. Thank you for this game idea! My partner and I modified it and we used Gator Skin balls and had the students kick the balls at plastic bowling pins. Initially when our students first played, we used a single pin and then stacked hula hoops around the pin to make it more challenging. We also elevated two of three pins on milk crates so one pin was on the floor, one was on a single crate and one was on two stacked crates, and gave each pin a point value for grades 1-5. Students had the choice of using the in-step or top of their dominant foot when they kicked.
    Our students thoroughly enjoyed it!

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