Garbage Collector

Grade level: 2-5
Equipment: Foam balls, 2 hula hoops
Game Description: This throwing and catching game is best played with a volleyball net set-up. Players try to ‘collect garbage’ by catching balls thrown over the net by the other team. Every catch is a point added to the bucket.

How To Play:

  1. Create two teams: each team starts spread out on their side of the volleyball court.
  2. At the ends of each court, place a hula-hoop down as a collection bin (garbage bin).
  3. Introduce the dodgeballs (pieces of garbage).
  4. On signal, players from both teams keep throwing the dodgeballs over to the other team’s side.
  5. Every time a player catches a ball, he gets to put it into his hula-hoop.
  6. Round ends when all the balls have been caught and placed in the bins, or at your own discretion.
  7. Play a new Round!

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