Jet Ball

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: 2 dodgeballs
Game Description: Jetball is a personal favorite. This is a warm-up or mini-game that really gets players sweating. Two throwers work together to contact the runners as they try to make it from end to end each round without getting hit. Once players have been hit, they must sit on the ground where they can tag others as they run by.

  1. Runners line up along the edge of the gym wall.
  2. Two throwers, each with a dodgeball, throw the ball at the wall ABOVE the line of runners.
  3. Upon release of the balls, the runners attempt to run to the other side without getting hit by a dodgeball (the throwers will get their rebound then try to hit players as they run away).
  4. Players who are hit must sit down. They can then tag runners as they go back-and-forth.
  5. Play until everyone has been hit/caught.


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  1. An elimination game that uses students as targets? Come on! This is totally unacceptable.

    • lighten up francis. “targets”????? its a fun game. remember what fun is? evidently you don’t. your comment is part of the wussification of America. congratulations.

  2. Hi there, if your students are unable to play or enjoy a dodgeball-type game for whatever reason, then please just don’t play this game.

    Fun fact: I play jetball with pretty much all of my groups, and they have a blast. Those who get hit (which is eventually everyone) love to try and tag the others who are still running and in the game. The positive feedback from the students is more than with most games in fact.

    * I do understand, however, that there are many situations in schools where a game like this may not work. In those cases, like I said, don’t play the game. Take care!

  3. Awesome game! We use foam balls so it is okay to have students as targets, that makes it greater.

  4. Looks like Randy doesn’t work with kids or he’s being very sarcastic. Keep up the good work.

  5. My students loved this! Thanks so much!

  6. The taggers throw the ball off the wall and quickly retrieve it, once they have do they throw from where they are at or can they run then throw it at the runners?

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