Detective Dodgeball

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Dodgeballs
Game Description: This is a dodgeball game where if a player is hit, he must remember who hit him, because he’s out until the player who hit him gets hit. That’s the whole detective part. A great advancement to regular dodgeball to keep things flowing better.

  1. Create 2 teams, each on one half of the gym. Add in the dodgeballs.
  2. When a player is hit, he must go off to the side. He must remember who got him out, because when that person gets hit, he is able to return to play.
  3. If players are sitting out for too long, give everyone a ‘free pass’ back in the game.
  4. When one team has no players left, start a new round!
  5. This has been the favorite dodgeball game of choice for many grade 8 classes.

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