Grade level: 1-8
Equipment: None
Game Description: Commandos is a warm-up game for all ages. It’s a race! Team vs team vs team. Like army commandos crawling through a muddy trench, so will players crawl along the floor in this game.

How To Play:

  1. Create teams of 5-10 per team.
  2. Create a start and finish line.
  3. Teams line up each in a straight row at the starting line. So if there are 3 teams, there are 3 lines (players in a team are lined up behind each other).
  4. On the signal, the last person in the line will crawl through the legs of the people on their team in front of them. They will get to the front, stand up, and yell ‘NEXT’.
  5. The next person who is now at the back of the line does the same thing: crawls through the legs to the front, stands up, calls ‘NEXT’.
  6. Game continues on and on like that until their team reaches the finish line.
  7. Play competitively or just for fun!


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