Category: Outdoor

Soccerball Tag

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Soccer balls (or nerf balls, dodgeballs)
Game Description: Soccerball tag provides a fun opportunity to practice dribbling, passing, kicking, dodging, and spacial awareness. In soccer ball tag, the taggers dribble a foam ball around and try to kick it at the feet of the roamers to tag them. If a player gets tagged by a ball, they also become a tagger and grab a ball from the side. The game gets trickier as more and more players become it. Give it a go in a soccer unit or as a stand alone game! Read More →


Grade level: 2-6
Equipment: None
Game Description: Back-to-Back is a relationship building trust game. Partners stand back-to-back and work together to try to get into a seated position without using their hands. Once seated, they try to get back up. Then move onto bigger groups and really watch the fun begin! Groups of 4, 6, or even more! Read More →

Frisbee Tippers

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Frisbees
Game Description: Groups work both together and against each other in this frisbee-based game.  Throwing, catching, running, tipping, and tricks are all part of the package. This is a great game to practice different types of throwing when it comes to Ultimate Frisbee or disc throwing. Read More →

Old Grey Cat

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: None
Game Description: Old Grey Cat is a great game for younger students. It’s a fleeing and chasing game with a chant that will get stuck in your head and annoy you for the rest of the day: ‘We are weak little birds way up in a tree, you’re an old grey cat and you can’t catch me’. Read More →