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Capture The Flag Outdoors

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: 2 Flags, large playing area
Game Description: This has been the GAME OF THE YEAR at our school. LOTS of Fun, many skills and laughs have been had. Competition at its finest, and what a workout. It’s the standard version of Capture The Flag brought to physical education class! Find a large area (field, community center, playground, bushes, forest), make 2 teams, and get started. Teams spend a minute hiding their flag on their half of the area (no peeking). Once hidden, GO! The goal of the game is to capture the other teams flag before they capture yours and bring it across the middle line. Careful on the opponents side, because if you get tagged, you go to the jail for 2 mins. The tagger needs to tap the jail (a bench or something) and then they can resume play. No puppy-guarding the flag. Add in extra rules as you see fit, please watch the video for more specifics, I don’t have the time or the will to type everything out… just want to say thanks to Paul Grosskopf, a friend and colleague for setting all these things up for us this year (rules, mods, locations, flags, etc).

Noodle Basketball

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Basketballs, Nets, Pool Noodles
Game Description: This is a basketball-type game that uses the typical skills in basketball, though with it’s own twist for a unique basketball tag type game. Two teams will faceoff against eachother. The object of the game is for your team to score as many points as possible into the bball net, or trash can or something if you don’t have nets. But if your ball gets touched by a noodle (held by one of the taggers) then you must return back to your side and start over. Give maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of the players a pool noodle, the rest of the team gets their own basketball. If you have a pool noodle then you must stay on your own side. Change the taggers each round. Round 1: layups only. Round 2: add jump shots. Round 3: add 3-pointers. Round 4: Taggers can go everywhere, and if a player is tagged then he or she must perform some sort of exercise. (Thanks to Randy Eich)

The BEST Rock Paper Scissors Battle

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Hula Hoops
Game Description: This game is amazing. Players have a super fun RPS battle that they won’t soon forget. 2 teams faceoff across from eachother. Place a bunch of hula hoops between teams in a line. 1 player from each team hops towards the other, and when they meet, they RPS. Loser must jump out and join the end of the line while the winner keeps advancing. Meanwhile the next player in line from the losing side jumps in and hops towards the opponent. It’s a bit hard to explain through text, so watch the video to see this awesome game in action!

Coin Collectors

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Coins (example: pennies)
Game Description: Coin collectors can be played in the gym or adapted for outside, and used for any age group. It’s a super simple idea, give it a go as it should be lots of FUN! Start by having players line up at one end of the gym facing the wall (no peeking!). The teacher hides coins scattered throughout the gym floor. The teacher says ‘Go’ and students run to find a coin. When they find one, they stand on it and stay there. Once all the coins are found, the players who did not find one have to do 10 jumping jacks, or crunches, or pushups, etc (player or teacher can choose). Players then line up again, while teacher takes out one coin and re-hides the rest. Continue to take out one coin each round until there is only one coin remaining to be hidden. To determine how many coins to use: take the class size and cut it in half, and that is how many coins to start with (if 20 people in class, hide 10 coins). One final tip to make it easier to operate: have the students stay standing on the coin until you come and get it, so you don’t have to find them all on your own after the round is over. (Thanks to Jesse Edwards)

Bottle & Ball

Grade level: 3-8
Equipment: Plastic Bottle, cones, balls
Game Description: Bottle & Ball is a game idea that was sent from Iran. It’s a game to work on hand eye coordination, reacting, and catching. First, you will need to cut plastic drink bottles into halves (1 half for each player). Then players will line up along an edge holding their bottle in hand (alternatively they could use a bowl or small pail). The students stand 1 meter apart. The teacher or one of the students throws the balls from a distance of 5 to 6 meters, respectively from the number one student to the end and then from the end to the number one student. Anyone who can catch the ball with their bottle or shuttle (without the ball falling to the ground) can take a step forward. The first person to reach the final marking cone gets 1 point, then everyone returns to the starting point and the game starts again from the starting point. (Thanks Dr. Mehdi Dehghani)

Foosball Soccer

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Pool Noodles, Type of Soccer Ball
Game Description: Bring the game of Foosball to the PE class! First decide on how large of a game to play (full, half, small size). Then, choose a formation. Players will roughly stay in their rows, able to move left and right, similar to a game of table foosball. BUT players must also join together in a line holding pool noodles, so that they are attached in their entire row and must move together without breaking apart. If players break apart, the ball goes to the opposing team! Rows should be about 2-4 players. Players can alternate rows/positions after a certain time. (Thanks to Randy Eich for this game idea)

Pool Noodle Relays

Grade level: K-8
Equipment: Pool Noodles, Cones
Game Description: A simple video explaining 5 fun ways to use pool noodles in a relay format. Quick, fun, ideas that involve teamwork, balance, and/or other! Could be used as a warm-up of sorts as well. May seem elementary, but it a go and you’re sure to be surprised how fun it actually is.

Dude Perfect

Grade level: 5-8
Equipment: Variety
Game Description: Inspired by the Dude Perfect trick shots, this game gets students practicing their own myriad of skills and trickshots for a fun physical education class. Choose a bunch of tricks to try out, using whatever equipment and area that you have, break off in groups, and get going! Have groups invent their own tricks, and even do video recordings of their amazing shots.

Pace Setter

Grade level: 3-6
Equipment: Cones
Game Description: Another great game idea thanks to Joe Defreitas. This one is to help students practice pacing themselves (slow, mid, fast – walking, jogging, running) and for long distance. Set-up cones to form a large oval, enough cones 1 for each player, in a large area. Cones should be in a color sequence/pattern (example: red, green, yellow, blue, repeat). Every player must sit behind their own cone and remember which cone is theirs. The teacher or coach will have a stopwatch and tell the players they need to do 1 lap (up to you how many laps) in exactly 40 seconds. The winner is the player who got back around to their cone in the specified time that you said. So in order to be successful they will have to either walk, jog, or run.

Home Alone

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Hula hoops, cones
Game Description: A great game to help with visual awareness, strategic play, attacking, and defense. Try out HOME ALONE. Basically goes like this: lay out 8 hoops in a playing area and choose 1 player to stand in each hoop. Give the players in the hoop a cone (or item of your choice) – the cone/item represents the key to their house. THEY MUST PROTECT THE KEY!! Everyone else who doesn’t have a key is a theif and they will try to take the key without getting tagged by the player in the hoop. If tagged then they try stealing from someone else, however, if successful, then they swap with the player in the hoop. Give it a go!!! (Thanks to Joe Defreitas)