Category: Gr 2

Bounce Ball

Grade level: 2-8
Equipment: Exercise ball, laundry basket (or rubber bin), ball to throw
Game Description: Here’s a super easy throwing, catching, and reacting game. It can be done as a stand-alone activity, or part of a station. Or set-up a few of them and have teams go at it in a competition.

Birds in a Nest

Grade level: K-4
Equipment: Hula hoops
Game Description: This is a great 3-part progression that has basically 3 games in 1. It’s one of my favourites especially with Kindergartens. Gets players moving around and communicating/strategizing in different ways.

Pizza Party

Grade level: K-2
Equipment: Hula hoops, bean bags
Game Description: Get the students moving and making pizzas in this classic pizza relay game.

Cleanies vs Messies

Grade level: K-3
Equipment: Cones, Soccerballs (for soccer variations)
Game Description: 5 different ways to play this updated version of Knockemdowners. It really is a classic game, students really move, and practice a variety of skills in fun variations which can be used in any primary PE class or football (soccer) program!

Pirate Ships

Grade level: 1-6
Equipment: Cones, hula hoops, beanbags
Game Description: This one is a new favourite. A little bit of a Capture the Flag feel to it – groups of pirates work together to try and steal the treasure off of the defender ship. NON-STOP ACTION, players really move in this great game idea thanks to Deric Hafer.

Gorilla Man Gun

Grade level: 2-7
Equipment: None
Game Description: A great game idea with no equipment needed! 3 different actions or poses: Gorilla, Man, and Gun. Uses the ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ format with a running portion and competition as well. Sure to get kids moving and having fun with decisive actions, movement execution, and chasing/fleeing. (Thanks to Angela Pilcher)