Catch Relay

Grade level: 4-8
Equipment: Football, baseball, or frisbee
Game Description: This is a great Throwing and Catching game for any sport or activity that uses those skills (football, baseball, ultimate Frisbee, etc). Non-stop action, teamwork, strategy, communication, with the option of competition. A must-play, and a definite favorite with lots of positive review.

  1. In the playing area (field or outside), create two teams as shown, as well as section the area into different point zones.
  2. One player from each team starts as the thrower.
  3. The first person in each line runs to a point area for a catch. If the catch is made, that team earns those points.
  4. Players rotate: thrower goes into field to catch, the catcher goes into the back of the line, the first person in line becomes new thrower.
  5. Continue, continue, continue!


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  1. Played this today with my 4th – 6th graders inside. They had a blast. Great opportunity for communication and strategy. IF the thrower wasn’t strong, he/she would relate that to the receiver who would then adjust! We will play this again!

  2. Awesome game. We used 4 teams and they each had to keep score. Since the scoring was in multiples of 3, I gave them a goal number to reach such as 54 or 72. The teamwork and communication that occurred naturally was wonderful! I will make changes and use this game again for sure! Great way to practice math skills in the gym!

  3. I played this game will all my classes 3-8 in every throwing and catching unit and they never grew tired of it! It was a great way to teach and then practice throwing skills in a fun way instead of boring throwing and catching drills. Thanks for all your resources!

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